Who We Are

Carlos Alvarado, founder and owner of La Sabrosa Food Products, a local small business working with local companies, founded in 2012. As a child I help my father in his business, and through it I learned about working hard, customer service and client satisfaction. My 30 years of experience also encompasses farm management, storekeeper, and transportation.

​​My family and I give thanks to the Lord Our God for the success of this business. 

What We Do

La Sabrosa makes products with the absolute best ingredients to give unique and distinct flavors. Our secret family recipes were handed down from generation to generation and they have been patented in Washington since 2012. We utilize natural dough and our products contain no preservatives, nor artificial coloring. Being an independent Hispanic-Latino food company we are committed to provide a value product on everything we create.

How We Do It

Baked fresh daily! Our objective is to give families an additional choice of healthy products and to spread the richness and diversity that Hispanic-Latino products have. In order to do that, we are focused on providing the best service to our clientele throughout Florida. La Sabrosa promulgates a “Customer First” attitude that empowers us to deliver extraordinarily creative products to our clientele. Working together we other Floridian small companies not only we achieve current goals but also provide a future benchmark on which to grow.

Our Mission:

To profitably provide customers with food products that anticipates and exceeds their expectations.

Our Vision:

To be recognized by customers and competitors as a company among the bests in the food markets we serve.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

La Sabrosa
About La Sabrosa Food Products
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